The Pursuit of Excellence, Ryan Hawk
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The Pursuit of Excellence
The Uncommon Behaviors of the World's Most Productive Achievers

Author: Ryan Hawk

Unabridged: 6 hr 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/25/2022


Millions of business professionals aspire to become effective leaders. But for hardworking, growth-oriented top performers who are always looking to improve and for rigorous thinkers who are never quite satisfied with the status quo, the true goal is the lifelong pursuit of excellence. Leadership advisor Ryan Hawk has interviewed hundreds of the most productive achievers in the world on his acclaimed podcast, The Learning Leader Show, to discover the best practices for pursuing and sustaining excellence. He found a pattern of uncommon behaviors that set these stellar individuals apart. By following their examples, you will learn how to: commit to yourself and the process-and build purpose, focus, and discipline; develop resilience to face new challenges-and find inspiration for the long haul; seek guidance-and lead others to new heights; meet the moment-and make the most of every opportunity to excel; and create a trusted group of advisors-and become a lifelong learner. Packed with specific actions to take, experiments to run, and tools to analyze what works best for you, this uncompromisingly practical guide will inspire, challenge, support, and empower you to become your very best. Put mindsets into action and turn behaviors into habits with The Pursuit of Excellence.