The Power of Prayer, Biblical Sermons
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The Power of Prayer
The Dilemma of Prayer - Prayer and Restoration - Prayer and Requests Prayer and Resources - Prayer and Rejoicing - Communion with the Almighty The Spirit of Paul’s Exercise - The Prayers of the Apostle - Nehemiah—A Man of Action

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Published: 05/22/2021


Perhaps there is no difficulty for you in this matter of prayer. But for many, there arises a flood of questions which challenge faith and overwhelm reason:Why pray if God already knows everything?What good is prayer if God's will is going to be done anyway?Who am I to tell God anything?I'm already doing what He wants me to do. Why do I need to pray about it?God is more concerned about me than I can ever be, so I will just leave it with Him.It is likely that most believers, if not all, have faced these and similar questions at one time or another. But set over against this, who cannot testify that prayer is the most natural and native activity of Christian life? To deprive a believer of prayer would be to remove the very life-line, a spiritual "pulling-of-the-plug" which would signal the end of spiritual life.Yet these and similar questions must be faced. Young believers, in a skeptical and scornful world, are confronted with them by classmates, professors, and an educational system which analyzes and rejects all which does not fit into water-tight, convenient, cause and effect answers.