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The Original Dramatized King James New Testament

Unabridged: 20 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/05/2016


Watch over some flocks by night.... Go fishing with Peter.... Witness some miracles.... The Original Dramatized King James New Testament has been heard and enjoyed throughout the entire English speaking world, and was sold by a great number of Christian bookstores across America. They were offered as a 16 cassette album, with over five hundred thousand album sets purchased.  This production of the New Testament has been digitally re-mastered and enhanced for your listening enjoyment. Professional voices along with superbly selected music and sound effects, heighten the dramatic impact of this magnificent audio presentation. Each book helps to make the word of God literally come alive for you or your loved ones..... Provides a rich and memorable listening experience! You now can hear divinely inspired truth in a sincere, compelling manner, enriching your spiritual life and adding new dimensions to your understanding. This Original KJV New Testament, on MP3 delivers! ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Read real reviews about our digital download of The Original Dramatized King James New Testament, available Here from Sound Life, Inc. User Comment A real gem. I had these earlier in my life and lost them along the way. It was a real joy to get this replacement. The dramatization and sound effects for this audio bible is the best I have heard in all the collections of dramatized audio New Testament out there. User Comment Before purchasing “The Original Dramatized KJ New Testament“, I spent 2+ hours online researching and listening to different Narrated/Dramatized versions being sold. The reason I chose this is: The audio “actors” speaking the various parts sound the most genuine/in characterThe narration is clear and relaxed in pace allowing adequate time for The Word to sink in. The background music and sound effects match the story line. They don’t distract by being too loud or too much, nor do they imply a contrary mood. It was available as an instant MP3 download. The audio quality is excellent and altogether I’m very satisfied. It took some digging, but I believe The Lord helped me find the best one :-) User Comment What I like most when listening to this story is when I hear the very words that Jesus spoke. The voice that portrays Him is so soothing and puts peace in my heart. Especially when he says, “Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more“. One of the most enjoyable experiences of listening to this dramatized version of the New Testament is that I can close my eyes and feel like I am watching the Bible unfold right before my eyes. The narrators are what makes the Greatest Story Ever Told (The Bible) become vivid and real in my mind. The many different expressions of the narrators, the music, the sounds of animals, makes me feel like I am part of the story and right there among the characters of the Bible. The first time I ever listened to this was over 30 years ago and I still remember in a particular part of the story where the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I had cold chills on my arms. It was amazing. Parts still put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes every time I hear the words. I own this very copy of the Dramatized New Testament on 16 cassette tapes. I have been searching for years to purchase this again as my cassette tapes have become old and brittle, and many have broken. I feel blessed that this has resurfaced and I have finally located it. Best of all it is now digitalized and I can carry it on my cell phone where ever I go. Dora C. from Lake Arthur, NM ©2005 John Douglas Sewall (P) 2005 John Douglas Sewall