The Mrs. Degree, Sara Ney
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The Mrs. Degree

Author: Sara Ney

Unabridged: 7 hr 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/31/2023


From USA Today bestselling author Sara Ney comes a new series about strong, single girls falling in love: accidentally. I never thought I would get pregnant in college. When I did, I thought leaving Jack Jennings was doing him a giant favor—he had a bright future ahead of him as a football star—the last thing he needed was me and a baby standing in his way of his dreams. Honestly? I figured he would eventually forget about me. I would raise our child in secret and watch Jack on television, and the pain of what I'd done to him would heal. The last person I expected to see on my brother's doorstep seven years later was Jack; obviously, or I wouldn't have answered it. A superstitious athlete, dreams were keeping him awake at night that were preventing him from excelling on the field—dreams he was hoping I could make . . . disappear. He looked so good. So much older. Kind. Handsome. Turns out, he hadn't forgotten about me either, and he hadn't put our past behind him.