The Masked Magician, Rachel Lawson
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The Masked Magician
The Game is Murder

Author: Rachel Lawson

Narrator: Rachel Lawson

Abridged: 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Paige Turner

Published: 08/10/2022


One of the magicians joins a TV masked singing contest where the game is murder."Hello I am the Masked Magician I am here to win the Masked Celebrity Singer contest I won't tell you how to do magic but I will enchant you with my voice," said a man in an over the top magician's outfit who looked quite handsome with his black and white tux in his hand a rosebud on a long stem on his face a mask which accentuated his good looks."Now to the show our first mystery who is the Masked Magician,"Blake appeared on the stage out of thin air."And how to make him disappear," muttered Lance walking off stage.