The Maid and the Socialite, Lynda Drews
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The Maid and the Socialite
The Brave Women Behind Green Bay's Scandalous Minahan Trials

Author: Lynda Drews

Narrator: Megan Trout

Unabridged: 10 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/26/2023


In the shadows of progress, two women's stories were erased. Until now. What if a respected surgeon could destroy your life with just one diagnosis? In early twentieth century Green Bay, Wisconsin, this terrifying reality was all too true for two women. Mary, an illiterate maid, and Mollie, a college-educated socialite, fell victim to the physical violence and mental abuse of celebrated surgeon Dr. John R. Minahan. To silence them, he claimed they had the shameful and dreaded disease of syphilis. This is the first full account ever written about Dr. Minahan, whose wealth built a college stadium, science hall, and six-story office building—all named for him—while history lost, or perhaps erased, Mary's and Mollie's heroic stories. Until now. Eerily mirroring contemporary debates around gender equality, misinformation, and wealth disparity, this tale remains alarmingly relevant. It is a story of power, abuse, and the tireless pursuit of justice. Delve into this haunting yet inspiring historical tale to uncover the forgotten stories of Mary and Mollie, two courageous women who dared to stand up against a powerful adversary.