The Love Zap, Shaul Marshall Praver
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The Love Zap

Narrator: Jason Dettrey

Abridged: 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/17/2020


The Love Zap, Harnessing the Power of Love to Transform the World.The book explores Love as Power and declares that the most powerful person is the theperson who Loves most powerfully. How Love can be harnessed to cause the worldto bend in one's favor. What is the highest Love and how is it acquired? The differencebetween "Fish Love" and "Enduring Love." The mystery of attracting Love as spiritual light through a carefully thought out discipline. The act of harnessing and discharging Loveas a spiritual electromagnetic force into the world. A call to be students of Love by empirically observing the effects of Love and encouraging the most motivated students to record theirobservations.