The Lords Supper, Thomas Lupich
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The Lord's Supper

Author: Thomas Lupich

Narrator: David Drummond

Unabridged: 2 hr 34 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/16/2016


Thomas Lupich is the Preceptor of the International Society of Seekers of the Truth, a retired electrical designer from Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory, and a taiji instructor with an interest in science and health. His major interest is Biblical Truth. He, therefore, considers himself a Truth Seeker: an avocation that he recommends to all men. Jesus commanded his disciples to become Seekers of the Truth and Thomas Lupich took Him at His Word. Solomon had this to say, "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter." Thomas has written "The Lord's Supper- Mingle With the Best" to expound on the meaning and the blessings of the Eucharist. The Lord's Supper has various important layers of meaning, but much more importantly, it tells us how we can be transmuted into beings much like Him. The hope of the author is to share with his readers the Eucharist's Light and its ability to transmute lives in the following way. Those that truly partake of the Lord's Supper will be "mingling with the Best," i.e., "The Father and The Son." The mingling will cause much of the Best to rub off on them. What rubs off will make them grow and glow, not only in this present age, but also in the eons to come!