The Little Recognized Secret of Succe..., Dale Carnegie
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The Little Recognized Secret of Success

Author: Dale Carnegie

Narrator: Jason McCoy

Unabridged: 22 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: HN Publishing

Published: 01/30/2017

Category: Self-help


One morning years ago, I walked across the campus of the State Teachers College at Warrensburg, Missouri, and stopped to chat with a friend of mine - Frank Self. Little did I realize then, that that chat was to have a profound effect upon all the days of my life.If I had not met Frank Self that morning, I would probably have been a superintendent of some high school or college in the Middle West, for I had spent four years in a college for training teachers.During our talk, Frank Self told me that the previous summer he had been selling courses for the Inter-national Correspondence Schools. I was astounded when he told me that they paid him two dollars a day for hotel expenses and a commission for all courses he sold. Two dollars a day for hotel expenses! The very thought of it excited me.Two dollars a day was all I could hope to make as a teacher in some country town and out of that two dollars I would have to pay room and board. Here was a way to make money quickly! I wondered how long this kind of high finance had been going on.