The Librarian, Miranda Forbes
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The Librarian
A collection of four erotic stories

Narrator: Katy Anderson

Abridged: 1 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Summersdale

Published: 06/28/2012


A collection of four erotic stories with mixed themes including lesbian, menage and sex with strangers.The Librarian by Eva HoreA young woman returns early to her shared apartment, to find her scantily clad room mate preparing for a mysterious night-out. Where does a Librarian go after a day in the stacks? Wreck-Her by Lynn LakeA business woman is unexpectedly delayed as her company car breaks-down, deep in the sun-parched Manitoba prairie. With no cell phone signal and the soaring heat of the surroundings rising, desperation rapidly begins to set in. Help soon arrives in the form of a tow truck that stops to offer assistance. After thoroughly appraising the situation, the truck driver is soon ready to dispense a unique form of roadside assistance that ultimately proves much to the woman’s delight.Mixed Blessings by Phoebe GraftonTwo friends are in need of temporary relief from their respective husbands. With one husband too demanding and the other too languid, both wives decide that a weekend exchange is the best tonic. A plan is hatched, and after a night out together is put into effect, as door keys are exchanged for each others home and husband. Maggie by Kay JayBeeCuriosity gets the better of Maggie, as she follows John and Peter, two well-to-do gentlemen from the village deep into the woods. Her world is soon turned upside down when she witnesses both men indulging in a covert act of carnal pleasure, an act which in her world carries a penalty of eternal damnation.