The Island Escape, Elana Johnson
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The Island Escape

Author: Elana Johnson

Unabridged: 4 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/15/2022


Riley Randall has spent eight years smiling at new brides, being excited for her friends as they find Mr. Right, and dating by a strict set of rules that she never breaks. But she might have to consider bending those rules ever so slightly if she wants an escape from the island...When thirty-five-year-old Riley finds a watch on an airplane, she manages to track down the owner—an Evan Garfield, lead singer for Georgia Panic, the #1 rock band in the country. Maybe even the world. Riley retreats, because Evan's not a permanent resident of Getaway Bay (that's rule #1), and there's no way a superstar like him would be interested in a nobody like her.Oh, but Evan is interested, and he manages to find Riley even after she flees the coffee shop where she met him to return the watch. He desperately needs an escape from his high-pressure life as a celebrity, and he loves the way she treats him like a normal man. As they start a romance on the island, Evan only wants to be with Riley, and she has to admit that she's glad she bent her dating rules just a little bit...But his agent needs him in LA. The band has some hard-nosed negotiating to do with their record label. New proposals are made for Evan to become a solo artist. Through the whirlwind of who he is and what he does for a living, Riley is left behind.Will he be able to navigate the potholes of his career and keep Riley in his life? Or will she be forever destined to watch others find their happily-ever-after—and watch Evan escape the island without her?