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The Instant Motivation Pill - Meet The Natural Supplement That Will Give You The Motivation You Need To Eliminate Procrastination And Achieve Any Goal You Desire

Narrator: John Austin

Abridged: 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/05/2022


THE INSTANT MOTIVATION PILL MEET THE NATURAL SUPPLEMENT THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE MOTIVATION YOU NEED TO ELIMINATE PROCRASTINATION AND ACHIEVE ANY GOAL YOU DESIRE - ABOUT THIS BOOKIf you wake up wishing you could sleep for another decade, get to work and can't start the day because you feel like your brain isn't working, or just don't feel like doing anything, you may have talent that you are wasting due to a serious lack of motivation. Motivation is the process by which goal-oriented behaviors are initiated, guided and maintained. That is, it is what motivates you to take action, whether it is drinking a glass of water to quench your thirst or reading a book to expand your knowledge. Motivation is the key to achieving peak performance in life. So why do so many of us have such difficulty with our internal drive? The solution may lie in brain chemicals, particularly dopamine. Nootropics for motivation enhance healthy dopamine levels, resulting in increased drive. - CONTENTWhat Is Motivation?How Does Dopamine Influence Motivation?Why Supplement Dopamine Levels With Vitamin B6 And P5p?What Is The Relationship And Difference Between L Tyrosine, D Phenylalanine, L Phenylalanine And Dl Phenylalanine?Are There More Natural Supplements To Raise Dopamine Levels?  - ABOUT THE SKILLBOOKS EDITORIALThe content in this guide is based on extensive official research and comes from a variety of sources, mostly from books published by experts who have mastered each of the topics presented here and who are backed by internationally recognized careers.