The Holy Spirits Presence, A. W. Tozer
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The Holy Spirit's Presence
Accessing God's Power Acknowledging Our Weakness

Narrator: Zachary Coffin

Unabridged: 5 hr 1 min

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Published: 03/17/2023


"Are you sure you want to be filled with a Spirit who, though He is like Jesus in His gentleness and love, will nevertheless demand to be Lord of your life?” A. W. TozerThe great tragedy of the human race is that sin has fallen headlong from the mighty purpose that God had created us for.In His mercy, God has provided His followers with a Helper, the Holy Spirit. The role of the Spirit is abysmally overlooked in our churches today.In Relying on the Holy Spirit, Tozer argues for the need for every Christian everywhere to desire earnestly for the filling of the Holy Spirit.Divine power and strength are available in abundance, if only we seek it sincerely enough.The problem, Tozer says, is that we do not desire it—not enough to surrender to the Spirit’s Lordship, in unquestioning obedience.It is a painful surrender, total and inclusive, but it is necessary if the Church is to fulfill the work that her Master requires of her."