The Girl on the Balcony, Olivia Hussey
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The Girl on the Balcony
Olivia Hussey Finds Life after <i>Romeo &amp; Juliet</i>

Author: Olivia Hussey

Narrator: Carol Monda

Unabridged: 9 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/31/2018


In 1968, Olivia Hussey became one of the most famous faces in the world, immortalized as the definitive Juliet in Franco Zeffirellis Romeo & Juliet. Now the iconic girl on the balcony shares the ups and downs of her truly remarkable life and career At only sixteen-years-old, she was an internationally celebrated overnight discovery. The part was an opportunity of a lifetime for a simple girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But for Olivia, admired for her beauty and innocence, and praised as a fresh and burgeoning young talent, the role of movie star was hard to play, and harder still, to live up to.In this candid memoir, Olivia Hussey tells her storyfrom being an It Girl in swinging 60s London and her enduring friendship with Romeo & Juliet costar Leonard Whiting, through three tumultuous marriagesincluding one with Dean Martins son, Dinomotherhood, stage-four breast cancer, debilitating agoraphobia, bankruptcy, and ultimately, a journey of self-discovery in India that led her on a path to fulfillment.She brings readers intimately close to the legendary performers she knew, loved, worked with, and battled, including The Beatles, Vanessa Redgrave, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Anthony Perkins, Christopher Reeve, Lawrence Olivier, Ingrid Bergman, and more. Olivia also finally reveals for the first time, the identity of the actora fellow young newcomerwho raped her, but who would not break her.Featuring a foreword by her star-making director Franco Zeffirelli, Olivia Husseys memoir shines with her luminous spirit and perseverance as she reflects on her unique life and experiencesinspiring, surprising, and fascinating to read about.