The Emerald Storm 2 of 2, Michael J. Sullivan
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The Emerald Storm (2 of 2)

Unabridged: 4 hr 59 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/01/2021


"A MESSAGE IS INTERCEPTED. A SINISTER PLAN LAUNCHED. TWO THIEVES STAND IN THE WAY. Ex-mercenary Hadrian Blackwater sets course on a high seas adventure to find the lost Heir of Novron. His only hope lies in confronting the ruthless and cunning Merrick Marius. Fearing his friend is not up to the challenge, Royce Melborn joins his old partner for one last mission. Their journey finds them adrift amid treachery and betrayals forcing Hadrian to face a past he hoped never to see again. Performed by Bradley Foster Smith, Chris Genebach, Danny Gavigan, Laura C. Harris, Alejandro Ruiz, James Konicek, Duyen Washington, Jeff Allin, Bradley Smith, Ken Jackson, Jefferson A. Russell, Andy Clemence, David Jourdan, Dawn Ursula, Christopher Williams, Carolyn Kashner, Christopher Graybill, Elliot Dash, Zeke Alton, James Lewis, Jacob Yeh, Matthew Pauli, David Coyne, Sasha Olinick, Jeff Baker, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Chris Stinson, Dylan Lynch, John Kielty, Henry Kramer, Darius Johnson, Michael John Casey, KenYatta Rogers, Martin Dickinson, Amanda Forstrom, James J. Johnson, Nanette Savard, and Nora Achrati."