The Darling Undesirables, Blythe Ayne
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The Darling Undesirables
Genetic Engineering in a Post Steampunk World

Author: Blythe Ayne

Narrator: Blythe Ayne

Unabridged: 8 hr 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/11/2020


The Darling Undesirables In a post steampunk world where dark energy has been harnessed by a reclusive genius, known as "Father Inventor" – revered by many, reviled by more, humanity has become obsessed with unlocking the secrets to eternal life. Unrestricted genetic engineering has produced a population of parentless and deformed children—the Darling Undesirables. Named for their missing body part, the Darling Undesirables are popular media pets, pampered, adored and indulged.The most adored Darling Undesirable is 15-year-old Heart. She dreams of escaping with her friend, Eye, and her beloved clockwork horse. But first, she must save Father Inventor and the world he brought into being from evil forces.What readers are saying.... "Heart and Eye stole my heart from page one, in a world where dark energy has been harnessed and clockwork figures come to life in the Museum of Scientific Improbabilities and Unpredictable Oddities. With memorable characters and a vivid setting, I found myself propelled into Heart's quest that challenges her world. I highly recommend this book." Cheri Greear"I got in to YA fantasy when my (now grown) son was at that age – and since then I've continued reading the Pullmans and the Pratchetts with great delight. It is with this in mind that I was delighted reading The Darling Undesirables. The writing is superb and the characters well developed. The story is compelling and well-paced with just the right level of darkness coupled with clarity and hope."I was also very impressed by the physical design of this book. An excellent addition to the genre!" Chris Robson"A feast for the imagination! A world of Dark Energy populated by a cast of beguiling characters...people of courage, vision and ingenuity, versus forces for repression that are dark indeed. Atmospheric and hugely entertaining." Joseph Edge