The Cross of Christ, H. A. Ironside
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The Cross of Christ
The Best of H. A. Ironside

Narrator: Dale McConachie

Unabridged: 23 min

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Published: 06/15/2013


H. A. Ironside wrote more than eighty books and pamphlets, and it can be said in a true sense that every one of them was about the Cross of Christ. But the sermon presented here is specifically about the Cross of Christ. In summary Ironside says, The Apostle Pauls great business was proclaiming the Cross. When he presented the doctrine of the Cross, he did not want to hide it with beautiful verbiage; he would not obscure the message with human eloquence or weaken or dilute the message in any way with charming rhetoric. He did not desire people to listen to him with admiration and go away exclaiming, What a brilliant preacher, what a splendid orator! instead of saying, What guilty sinners we are and how amazing is the love of God that sent his son to die for us and bear the shame of the cross for our redemption!