The Complete Cyber Seed Compendium, Craig A. Falconer
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The Complete Cyber Seed Compendium
Books 1-5

Series: Cyber Seed

Narrator: Steven Barnett

Unabridged: 28 hr 28 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Craig Falconer

Published: 03/06/2023


?Grab all five thrilling books in the COMPLETE CYBER SEED COMPENDIUM for one low price, in this great value 28-hour sci-fi box set!Some inventions change the world. Others send it straight to hell...When Kurt Jacobs imagines the ultimate gadget — one capable of replacing phones, credit cards, keys and TVs — the idea consumes his every waking moment. When the Sycamore corporation buys into Kurt's creation and The Seed becomes a reality, his every dream comes true.Power like this has never existed.The launch of The Seed, a powerful microchip implant that turns each user's palm into a fully functioning trackpad and effectively turns them into walking computers, breaks all sales records. Alongside the augmented reality UltraLenses which act as the system's display, it immediately renders all handheld devices obsolete.But amid all of the awe and optimism, there is far more going on behind the curtain than Kurt or anyone else could ever have predicted...This Complete Cyber Seed Compendium imaginatively chronicles The Seed's colossal impact on a society unprepared to handle it, from the high hopes of launch day to the breakneck descent into corporate dystopia. And Kurt Jacobs, the guilt-wracked genius responsible for it all, may well be the only man who can do anything to put things right...This box set contains:1) Sycamore2) Sycamore 23) Sycamore: System Breaker4) Sycamore X (10-story collection)5) Sycamore XL (12-story collection)Imaginative new technologies, devious conspiracies, and a whole lot of action-packed drama... dive in to the COMPLETE CYBER SEED COMPENDIUM today!