The Bulletproof Breakup Guide for Men..., Marcus Manual
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The Bulletproof Breakup Guide for Men
How to Get Over a Breakup, Heal a Broken Heart, and Move On

Author: Marcus Manual

Narrator: Kevin Hung-Liang

Unabridged: 1 hr 42 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/10/2020


Have you experienced a breakup? Have you been stunned in silence hearing someone say “It’s over”? Have you spent countless nights trying to understand what went wrong?Breakups are very traumatizing experiences, especially for men, who may not be used to this experience. It signifies a weakness, a fault in our personality, in the decisions we have made, in the kind of persons we are. A lot of doubt and insecurity develops in a person who has been dropped like a hot potato.I have been there. I have also spent countless nights in a bar drinking myself to sleep. There were not a few times when I even ended in a fight after drinking to forget. I know that dark place so well because I have stayed there for a long time. And it is not a good place to be in. This book will guide you through your darkest nights and help you to get over anyone.This book will help you:Understand common reasons why couples fight and breakupRecognize the power of emotions in our livesDiscover ways of getting the upper hand in a breakupApply strategies to an effective moving on processGet this book now and let me take you through the perilous and gloomy world of breakups. Let my experiences and the experiences of a lot of people I have counseled and talked with help you get over. It may take another man to help another man and this book is fitted for your healing journey.