The Barbarian Of Theros, Michael Anderle
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The Barbarian Of Theros

Unabridged: 8 hr 9 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/09/2021


You are the name others call you. Barbarian, mercenary, fighter, lover, killer, thief, prince . . . God Killer. Emperors call him friend. He wanted to retire, now he wears a target on his back. Rumors of dungeons raided, dragons robbed, Emperors showering him with gratitude. Back in the city of Verenvan, Skharr is attacked. Not willing to leave him alone, his enemies have made a grave mistake. Because like a dragon, one should leave a DeathEater asleep. Now, they have awakened The Barbarian of Theros . . . And unlike his deity, there is no mercy in his soul.