The Art of Managing Success, Pradip N Das
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The Art of Managing Success
A Powerful Book to Learn the Side-effects of Success, Build Personal Management Skills, Conquer Challenges and Achieve Long Term goals in Life

Author: Pradip N Das

Narrator: Rory Young

Unabridged: 1 hr 10 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Pradip N Das

Published: 01/15/2022


“The Art of Managing Success” is a Succinct Guide to develop a Mindset of Success, Master in Success Strategy and Climb the Ladder to Success!!!Do you often feel satisfied and become complacent with in-between success and stuck in Life?Do you often wonder why you find difficult to achieve your long term goal after achieving small goal?Do you often wonder why all the successful people achieve one success after another, grow faster and win accolades while others find it difficult after achieving one success?Imagine how would your life change if you know how to manage self after success?What if you are able to continue with the same momentum, achieve your ultimate goal and make a wonderful life?If you always face difficulty in Handling Fame, Develop Complacency or Ego and Look for a Solution, the book “The Art of Managing Success” is for you.In this book, you will learnHow to Stay Rooted?How to Manage Celebration?How to Regain Momentum?How to Overcome Complacency?How to Handle Distraction?How to Deal With Ego?How to Perform Consistently After Success?How Successful People Handle Success?If you are sincerely looking to go long and achieve success in life, this Audiobook contains all the Requisite Tools to Improve your Grit and Determination, Consistent Focus throughout the Success Journey, Empower you to take Consistent Massive Action and Achieve Your Goals Faster.