The Anal Virgins  32 Audiobooks  Co..., Tori Westwood
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The Anal Virgins - 32 Audiobooks : Collection 2 (First Time Virgin Anal Sex Erotica)

Unabridged: 16 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/15/2024


Listen to the pain in their cries as these women get it in their ass for the first time in daring fantasy that see them satisfied!These stories do not overlap with other anal 32-packs from these authors.Stories include: ‘Popping My Anal Cherry At 40!,’ ‘Slide It In My Butt, Darling,’ ‘Another Woman In My Bed,’ ‘Head Chef In My Virgin Ass,’ ‘Mocha Choca Anal Latte,’ ‘Watching My Husband With The Girl From The Pool,’ ‘Two In My Ass,’ ‘My Son Gives My Ass A Workout,’ ‘He’s In My Ass,’ ‘All Aboard The Anal Boat,’ ‘Taken To The Workshop To Be Done Naughty,’ ‘Elevator Threesome With The Girl Nextdoor,’ ‘Surprising My Husband In The Tub,’ ‘My Boss In My Ass While His Wife Drives,’ ‘The Manager Took Down My Jeans,’ ‘Last Call For My Butt,’ ‘Taken In The Fitting Room,’ ‘Putting My Naughty Lodger In My Tight Backdoor,’ ‘Another Woman In Our House,’ ‘Joining My Husband With The Hot Female Chauffeur,’ ‘Hotel Sex,’ ‘He Dropped Anchor In My Ass,’ ‘Trying It In My Butt With My Friend,’ ‘Paint My Butt With Your Love,’ ‘I Kicked Her Out To Take Him In My Ass,’ ‘Split Open My Ass, Honey,’ ‘Sex In My Boss’s Garage,’ ‘Arousal Airways,’ ‘Searching For Anal,’ ‘My Soccer Coach Gives Me Anal,’ ‘Air Force Anal,’ and ‘My Lodger Is a Peeping Tom And I Want Him In My Ass.’