The 10 Principles of Personal Longevi..., Martin K. Ettington
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The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity and Personal Freedom

Unabridged: 4 hr 33 min

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Published: 01/22/2018


YOU CAN LEARN TO INCREASE YOUR HEALTHY LIFE BY DECADES This book is the result of years of research into all of the practices people do and the effects on their longevity. This story starts by showing that there are thousands of very long lived people all over the world. We profile many of them. The 10 Principles of Longevity are a holistic philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity which will change your life.Personal Freedom is a set of benefits you will immediately feel in your life from learning these principles and how to live by them.Written by well known internationally selling Author on Longevity Martin K. Ettington These principles include the following:•   The Reality of Long Lived People•   Defining Your Purpose in Life•   Enabling the Life Urge•   Your Spiritual Health•   Having Love in Your Heart•   Energy Body Health•   The Science of Longevity•   Physical Body Health•   Using your Intuition for Safety•   Implementation of these principles Questions and Answers: Will these principles help me or are they just made up? The reason for the 10 principles was that the research material I developed over years made sense to breakup into these principles and chapters. This book is oriented more on the non-physical rather than the physical body. Does this make sense? Yes-Most of the things you can do to lengthen your life have to do with improving yourself spiritually, mentally, and psychologically. By following the principles in the book you will change your life forever and have a good chance of living to 150 years or older.