Thats That, Colin Broderick
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Thats That
A Memoir

Narrator: Gerard Doyle

Unabridged: 8 hr 46 min

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Published: 07/01/2013


A brutally honest and deeply affecting memoir about growing up in the countryside of rebel country in Northern Ireland Colin Broderick was born in 1968 and spent his childhood in Tyrone County in Northern Ireland. It was the beginning of the period of heightened tension and violence known as the Troubles, and Colins Catholic family lived in the heart of rebel country. The community was filled with Provisional IRA members, whose lives depended on the silence and complicity of their neighbors. At times, that made for a confusing childhood. We watch as he and his brothers play ball with the neighbor children over a fence for years but are never allowed to play together because it is forbidden. We see him struggle to understand why young men from his community often just disappear. We feel his confusion when he is held at gunpoint at various military checkpoints in the North. But even when Colin does ask his parents about these events, he never receives a clear explanation. Desperate to protect her children, Colins mother tries to prevent exposure to or knowledge of the harm that surrounds them. Spoken with stern finality, Thats that became the refrain of Colins childhood. The first book to paint a detailed depiction of Northern Irelands Troubles,Thats Thatis presented against a personal backdrop and told in the wry, memorable voice of a man who has finally come to terms with his past.