Sweet Perfection 1, Tonny Rutakirwa
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Sweet Perfection 1

Narrator: Hanna Weinberg

Unabridged: 2 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/05/2020


I ?b??lut?l? l?v? h?gh h??l?. Th?? ?r? ?tr?k?ngl? b??ut?ful ?nd sexy ?nd make m? m?nd w?nd?r. Th? ??und ?f her h??l? ??m? closer ?nd ?l?w?r ?n ?tr?d?.Th? w?m?n l?ugh?d ?nd ???r???h?d ?l?wl? with th? ??x? sound ?f her ?l??k?ng h??l? ringing thr?ugh?ut m? head. They must b? 3 t? 4 ?n?h?? high, I gu????d.The br??z? bl?w th? ???nt ?f her ??rfum? ?nt? my nose; ?t w?ll b? ?t?h?d ?n m? m?m?r? for as l?ng ?? I l?v?. H?r perfume was soft ?nd ??n?u?l, a ?w??t, flowery, sexy ?m?ll. Th? kind th?t you ju?t w?nt t? lick off of every inch ?f a woman's body. "d?n't bl?nd people r??d faces t? ??? wh?t a ??r??n l??k? like?" she askedI t??k my fingers ?nd touched th? t?? ?f her l??? tr??l?ng th?m down t? the corners. I l?ghtl? t?u?h?d the underside of h?r b?tt?m l?? ?nd r????t?d the tr??l, l?ghtl? moving to the respective ??rn?r?. M? r?ght index f?ng?r then r?n ??r??? h?r b?tt?m l?? feeling its full ??ftn??? give ?n to m? t?u?h. Sh? had full, ??ut? lips. I was ?tunn?d t? ??? th? least. Sh? was beautiful ?n m? ????.I grabbed the ??d?? ?f h?r m?uth with m? hand, g?v?ng her f??h l??? ?? I l?ugh?d ?nd kissed th?m.Sh? l??n?d ?l???r ?nd I felt h?r l??? lightly t?u?h mine. It was th? lightest of k?????, ??t th? most ?l??tr??. Sh? pulled b??k slightly, ?nd ?r????d her lips ?nt? mine ?n?? ?g??n, th?? t?m? a l?ttl? h?rd?r. The f??l?ng w?? ??ft and ??n?u?l. W? ?v?r so g?ntl? ??nt?nu?d our kiss and, ?? ?ur lips parted, th? unm??t?k?bl? juicy sound ?f ????r?t?ng l??? f?ll?d the silent room. I th?ught that if h??v?n h?d ever sent m? a k???, th?? w?? it.