Striving for Perfection And How It E..., Can Akdeniz
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Striving for Perfection: And How It Effects Our Lives

Narrator: David Willams

Unabridged: 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: IntroBooks

Published: 10/26/2019


Striving for Perfection questions the very core of the perfection drive. It calls under investigation the mechanism and the validity of this often mad, unfulfilling quest. Our perception has been so strongly altered that we have come to identify perfection with happiness. This book speaks about the true fulfillment, joy and freedom you can only learn by letting go of the need to be perfect in your life and to have a perfect life – the perfect life as imagined and proposed to you by others. You may think you have not been touched by the perfection plague and you remain outside this never-ending chase. But try an exercise of self-honesty and really dive deep in the internal mechanisms of your every day life, in what motivates you, in your perception of self, take a good look of the levels of acceptance you have for yourself and others. Can you really say you are untouched by what some have come to call a disease of this century? This book wants to disclose the trap of perfection and its effects. So often we get blocked in our creativity, communication, love and self-love by this urgency to fit that image. That perfect image. We chase it until we become the chased. And just when we think we have reached it…it just moves one step further, it slips through our fingers, it shifts and lures us with a new promise.