Stop. Think. Invest., Michael Bailey
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Stop. Think. Invest.
Using Behavioral Finance to Find New Opportunities and Avoid Mistakes

Unabridged: 8 hr 31 min

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Published: 01/25/2022


In an economy that's more unpredictable than ever-the proven method for avoiding emotional mistakes that can wreak havoc on your portfolio returns Applying powerful behavioral finance concepts, Stop. Think. Invest. provides a framework for identifying personal biases and avoiding mistakes that can cost them big profits. Based on the author's extensive research and 100 key behavioral finance concepts, this guide provides a winning twelve-step process you can use to successfully manage your trading and investing for long-term success, including: begin the initial research into a new stock; create an investment thesis: why are you buying the stock?; trade timing and size: when are you buying and how much?; make the initial purchase; review of trade: round up or round down; and test your original investment thesis. Stop. Think. Invest. reveals important information about behavioral finance flaws, such as anchoring, confirmation bias, recency bias, and loss aversion. Unlike other such investing guides, Stop. Think. Invest. offers a fully organized and practical approach to applying behavioral finance to everyday investing.