Slow Path to Peace, Juliette Duncan
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Slow Path to Peace
A Mature-Age Christian Romance

Narrator: Sarah Kennedy

Unabridged: 7 hr 38 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/17/2021


Book 2 in A Sunburned Land SeriesMarried at last, life is bliss for Frank and Maggie, until storm clouds gather over Goddard DownsFrank and Maggie are enjoying married life, but all is not well on the home front.The whole family’s livelihood comes under threat when the government declares a ban on live cattle exports.How will they survive? Will they lose everything they’ve worked so hard for?Serena used to be young and beautiful. Now, her face is scarred for life.Will there ever come a time when she can look in the mirror and not be repulsed by her horrid, charred skin?Will she ever see herself as God sees her? As a precious, much-loved daughter of the King?David is riddled with guilt. He thought that caring for Serena would assuage that guilt. It didn’t. Maybe fighting a raging fire will help.Unless he dies in the process.But what does it matter now that Serena has rejected him?Maggie longs to help her daughter find peace, but can she balance her new marriage to Frank at the same time?Slow Path to Peace is Book Two in the Sunburned Land Series, a mature-age Christian romance set in the beautiful, rugged and remote Kimberley area of northern Australia. Continue Frank and Maggie’s heartwarming love story today.