Silent Assassins Society, D. B. Goodin
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Silent Assassins Society

Author: D. B. Goodin

Narrator: Keira Grace

Unabridged: 3 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/29/2022


She’s the city's best defense. When the population morphs into mind-controlled killing machines, can she keep her hope and allies alive?Treeka can’t tell friend from foe. As New York lies in battle-ravaged ruin, the desperate cyborg struggles to evade murderous hordes of humans infected by a maniacal doctor’s neurotoxin. And though an elite group of assassins invites her to join their underground institution, the severely injured fugitive refuses to accept the role of a paid killer.Plotting her next move to safety, Treeka modifies her appearance to stay one step ahead of a covert sniper targeting her for elimination. But with a power-hungry scientist and a hidden enemy ruthless in their pursuit, she fears the nightmare-filled streets will soon become her final resting place.Will Treeka live to see another dawn, or has she arrived at her grave?Silent Assassins Society is the climactic fourth book in the Cyber Hunter Origins cyberpunk thriller series. If you like strong female warriors, high-octane action, and menacing villains, then you’ll love D. B. Goodin’s last stand.Buy Silent Assassins Society to bring down an evil operation today!