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Short Story Press Presents Unification In 6066

Narrator: Tom Mailey

Unabridged: 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/04/2018


Every work of literature has its merits, its downfalls, its high points and low points. Every work of writing has its own unique characteristics that make it memorable and, above all, enjoyable. Benefits of this particular work include:• Integrated elements of the science fiction genre with the ability to please fans while still accommodating the different tastes of readers who favor other genres. Veteran readers of science fiction will be pleased by traditional elements. Others will be able to experience its merits without annoyance.• A first person perspective which allows readers a greater ability to feel the emotions, confusion, and experiences of the characters. Though the narrator may be the traditional stereotype of the “unreliable narrator,” the limited knowledge of situations allows readers to feel they have greater involvement in the occurrences of the story.• A fast-paced style allowing for description even as it keeps the story moving in an interesting, engaging fashion.• Inclusion of a universal theme that, though expressed through events that occur in the future, is still highly applicable to the world of today. Readers will be able to view the events of the short story as a warning of the future that will come to be if the illustrated morals are not observed.Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.