Short Story Press Presents Inside Mel..., Short Story Press
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Short Story Press Presents Inside Melting House

Narrator: Liz Krane

Unabridged: 42 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/17/2019


“Inside Melting House” is a creepy and suspenseful story that will draw into its mystery.It introduces you to sympathetic characters over two generations that, even in the short space of the story, you come to sympathize with and understand. When you read it you will experience:• An atmospheric and effective story that elicits curiosity and dread in equal parts• The story as told from the point of view of a complex and sympathetic narrator/main character• Colorful side characters that flesh the story out.• A house with a bizarre past and a mysterious, seemingly unknowable secret• Flashbacks to an earlier time that add a further element of mystery to the story surrounding the house• A climactic, suspenseful finale.Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.