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Short Story Press Presents Blind Girl Meets a Ghost
How a Blind Girl Became Friends with a Ghost

Narrator: Laura Amsbury

Unabridged: 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/24/2019

Category: Fiction


Blindness never stops a friendship; is not just about a friendship, but also other powerful themes.The story centers around a girl named Katherine, 15 years of ageRecently blind in a car accident which killed her motherNow is in the care of her estranged aunt, who is hiding secretsKatherine tries her best to make a relationship with Morgan, only it is clear that the woman is hiding secretsStarting school, Katherine finds it difficult to make friends, feeling everyone is avoiding her due to her disabilityDuring her first day, at lunch, Katherine wanders into the courtyard where she meets a boy named Bradley, he is distant but talkative, glad to finally have a friend, also feeling outcasted by the schoolUpon talking about Bradley, Morgan and other adults in the school act strangely regarding the subjectOne day at lunch, Bradley confides in Katherine that he is gay which is why he is an outcastKatherine is being asked multiple questions by teachers regarding her having lunch out in the courtyard.One day, Bradley finally admits a dark secret, forcing Katherine to run away, only into the hands of the school’s office.Wanting to flush out secrets, Katherine and her aunt finally confront Bradley and admit the truth in a heartfelt sceneEach section is a riveting experience building up to an on-edge confrontation. It’s up to you to picture the events. Blind Girl Meets a Ghost will not be a disappointing listen.About the AuthorMarielle Sabbag is a recent graduate from Endicott College. There she majored in English: creative writing. Growing up in Massachusetts, Marielle never wasted a rainy day. Writing has been her greatest passion since the age of 11.Short Story Press publishes short stories written by everyday writers.