Sex Guide, Rocco Manfredi
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Sex Guide
The Complete Guide for exploding Couple's sex life and have Great Sex for Him and for Her

Narrator: D. J. Ryder

Unabridged: 3 hr 57 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Ivano Silvi

Published: 02/19/2021


What Are You Going To Call Sex? This book is a gender guide to all couples. Here you'll come to know about sexual issues, sexual disorders, and approaches to all of these sexual problems. By following this book, one can bring back happiness, intimacy and joy in one's married life.The exact percentage of women who leave the bedroom without having had an orgasm is higher than you can imagine, and most of this is unnecessary. People who don't know what it takes to make a female orgasm is often the cause. The positions mentioned in the book put her in charge to a certain degree, and having her involved in the equation will also make sex better for you. Men often don't take the time to do that. We believe that making love is more of an animal instinct, in which women need more than that. Their needs are almost always going to be emotional, and I explain just which positions will make her feel secure enough to give her the luxury of equality in the bedroom. The psychology of the man and the female are unique. Once you understand how it works, you're in a better position to please her and actually make her climax every time you make love. It's not going to have to be a hit and a miss thing. Lovemaking can be a wonderful experience that adds intimacy to the picture. When this happens, you are much more likely to keep your wife engaged and willing to try out new things.What You Will Learn:- The Sexual Anatomy- Individual Sexual Behavior- 10 Forms Of Sex Obsession In "Don't Perceive It, As Love- Sexual Health - Stages Of Sex- The Sex PositionsAnd Many More…