Saving Money, Anders Braveson
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Saving Money
Strategies to Kill Off Debt Using Passive Income and Money Management

Narrator: Kip Ferguson

Unabridged: 1 hr 6 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/07/2022


Earned income is the most taxed source of income on the planet!Be smart and get on the road to passive income, and join the new world of entrepreneurs who make plenty of money while staying at home or even while on vacation. You will also manage to keep more for yourself from passive income than the earned form. And above all, you can secure yourself and your family an income during these hard, trying times.Most people are poor because they say and think that money is not important and they don't care for it, so they will never be able to join the new rich unless they take the information in this book and put it into practice.See below what you'll learn from this book: What is Passive Income?How Debt Can Lead to Your Demise!The Relationship Between Debt and Money Management!How to Manage Your Money Properly to Get Out of Debt and Still Have Some Money Saved Aside!How to Manage Your Money Properly to Get Out of Debt and Still Have Some Money Saved Aside!What Next After You Pay My Debts!The Difference Between Best Seller Products and Best Executed Products and How to Increase Your Income!The Importance of Simplicity, Perception, and Communication to Increase Your Income and The Power Money Will Bring You!Money Cannot Buy Happiness But It Gets You Really Close to It!Do Not Forget to Enjoy Life While Building It!Why Passive Income is The Best Way to Kill Off Debt!Why Will You Not Become Rich Working 9-5?If you are broke, it means there is still time. Broke is much, much better than poor, because poor is forever, broke is temporary.Get this audiobook and change your life!