Salty Cowboy, Elana Johnson
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Salty Cowboy
A Cooper Family Novel

Author: Elana Johnson

Narrator: Becky Doughty

Unabridged: 10 hr 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/24/2022


The last Cooper sibling is looking for love...she just wishes it wouldn't be in her hometown, or with the saltiest cowboy on the planet. But something about Jed Forrester has Cherry all a-flutter, and he'll be darned if he's going to let her get away. But Jed may have met his match when it comes to his quick tongue and salty attitude...Cherry Cooper isn't thrilled to be back in Sweet Water Falls, though she knows it's the right place for her right now. Her parents are aging and unwell, and she's been gone long enough. She wants to help Mama and rekindle her relationships with her siblings, which would be easier if they weren't all so blissfully happy.She's not unhappy, and a certain cowboy at the farm next door definitely makes a smile brighten her face faster than anything or anyone else has in a long time. But Jed's already broken up with her once because of his short temper and quick tongue, and Cherry really doesn't want to play games.Jed Forrester isn't the game-playing type of cowboy anyway. He's just trying to break down Cherry's impossibly high walls so he can get inside her heart. Or at least her head, to figure out why she's so resistant to him when they have such a great time together—and she sure doesn't seem to mind kissing him...Can Jed use his saltiness in his favor and win over Cherry's heart? Or will she keep pushing back at him until he gives up?