Run Away from the Virus The Best For..., Constant Bennett
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Run Away from the Virus: The Best Formula for Running Away from the City and Enjoying Your Retirement All in One Book. Declutter Your Mind, Stay Safe and Live out of the Grid with Rv Living

Unabridged: 10 hr 16 min

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Published: 04/21/2020


In The 21th Century, Being A Nomad Is Safe, Fun, And Good For The ClimateHave you ever wanted to be a nomad, traveling wherever your heart desires and exploring new places… while still being comfortable?Well… did you know that you can make this dream come true?RVs, or recreational vehicles, are basically homes on wheels. You can rent one for a weekend trip or a family vacation… or you can just leave your boring home behind and become a full-time RVer!The life of an RV nomad is fun and carefree. You save enormous sums of money by not having to pay for a house. You can travel when and where you like – for example, if you hate winter, you can just drive your RV to a warmer state! As an added bonus, you get to meet lots of new people and make new friends that you wouldn’t have made otherwise.But… even if the idea of full-time RVing excites you, you probably have some doubts. Is it safe? Can you RV with kids? How do you survive in such a limited space? And, most importantly, how do you provide enough energy for your RV without having to burn insane amounts of fuel?This book bundle has ALL the answers. The first book is a complete guide to RVing that covers everything from planning your very first RV trip to becoming a full-time nomad. The second book is about mobile solar power, the best solution for providing your RV with electricity.Here’s what you’ll learn:Expert lifehacks for making your first RV experience safe and funInsider advice on boondocking like a pro (don’t worry if you don’t know the word yet!)How to ensure a smooth transition to a full-time RV lifestyleEverything you need to know about equipping your RV with solar panels and batteriesAnd much more!If the idea of RVing doesn’t excite you right now, it’s still worth trying. Rent an RV for the weekend and get a taste of freedom and adventure. Once you’re hooked, nothing can stop you from being a full-time nomad!It’s time to go on a solar-powered adv