Return of the Hunters, Sonya Bateman
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Return of the Hunters

Author: Sonya Bateman

Narrator: Tristan Morris

Unabridged: 5 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/21/2020


"My past came with sharp teeth, and I didn't enjoy letting it bite me." Gideon Black has just returned from a grueling visit to the Fae realm with a stronger grip on his abilities, both as a half-Fae and the DeathSpeaker. But none of that prepared him to be kidnapped and dragged into a fight against a god. When the Duchenes's master, an ancient and powerful Other who's taken the name of the voodoo god Papa Legba, summons the family for attempting to defy him, Denei Duchene invokes a promise Gideon made long before he knew that promises could kill the Fae. Now he must travel to New Orleans with the secretive siblings and free them from their bonds—or die trying. But Legba isn't the only danger lurking in the Louisiana swamps. Milus Dei, the cult dedicated to wiping out the Others, has been recruiting a new breed of hunter. The most dangerous, lethal poachers they can find, heavily financed and retrained to target and capture all types of non-humans. And the group currently hunting the bayou is all too familiar to Gideon.