Retire Experience  Run Away From the..., Constant Bennett
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Retire Experience: Run Away From the City Virus. The Best Formula to Declutter your Mind by traveling and Enjoying Retirement.

Unabridged: 5 hr 18 min

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Published: 04/19/2020


Retire Experience - explore the world from the comfort of your home!Are you looking for:Live the retirement without boredom?A fun way to travel? A modern nomad who hates being pinned to the same place for years? A minimalist, frugal lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?Then, RVing is for you!Retire Experience - is buying or renting a recreational vehicle (basically, a home on wheels) and traveling wherever your heart desires! You can explore the country while you’re relocating to a new job, have an amazing holiday trip, or sell your home and become a full-time nomad with minimal expenses. You literally explore the continent from the comfort of your own home, because the home travels with you.Besides, full-time RVing forces you to downsize your possessions, get rid of all that clutter, and finally lead the frugal and minimalist life that’s the most fulfilling. Your stuff no longer holds you down!Does any of this sound exciting? Then, you should definitely try Retire Experience! But how will you really start to live your retired experience?Is RVing safe? What is boondocking? This book provides all the answers!Here’s what you’ll learn:The greatest myth about RVing Insider tips on planning a safe and comfortable RV trip, even with a baby on boardThe secret art of staying in shape while RVingWays to RV safely and deal with potential intruders (you must know this to avoid serious trouble)And much, much more!Still hesitating if Retire Experience is something for you? You’ll never know until you try! Rent an RV for a weekend, take your loved ones with you and go on a short adventure. But don’t forget to buy the audiobook beforehand if you want a safe and fun trip!Ready for the greatest adventure of your life?Do you know what separates you from your Retired Experience ...?! Just and only one click!