Relaxing River and Dove Melodies, Greg Cetus
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Relaxing River and Dove Melodies
Californian Woodland Ambiance

Author: Greg Cetus

Narrator: Mourning Dove

Unabridged: 1 hr 11 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/27/2023


Delicate yet powerful, the Mourning Dove, scientifically known as Zenaida macroura, enchants listeners with its slender form, small head, and gracefully elongated tail. Its feathers paint a canvas of earthy hues, with brown and gray adorning its upper parts and a soothing beige gracing its underparts. In this meticulously captured binaural audio, you will find yourself transported to the Californian Woodlands, where a gentle babbling river stream weaves its melodic course through the surroundings. Harmonizing with the tranquil river, the Mourning Dove's cooing calls serenade your ears, filling the air with their unique and captivating melodies. As you listen, you may also encounter the harmonious contributions of other avian companions, such as the Acorn Woodpecker, while the gentle chorus of crickets and the occasional bullfrog's chirp enhance the symphony of nature.