Red Tide, William C. Dietz
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Red Tide

Narrator: Ryan Burke

Unabridged: 9 hr 39 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/22/2022


When Chinese satellites detect the presence of an American Battle Group only a few hundred miles over the horizon, Captain Peng Ko receives orders to attack it. The enemy battle group includes the aircraft carrier Concord which, given its planes and escorts, should be impervious to anything that a single cruiser could throw at it. But the Sea Dragon is equipped with a one-of-a-kind experimental weapon that can not only fire projectiles from a long distance away, but can inflict terrible damage when it does so. Five hits are sufficient to send the Concord to the bottom. The hunt for the Sea Dragon begins. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the Allies are planning to attack the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. In order to succeed the Allies will have to engage enemy patrol boats and neutralize heavily armed gun towers. The invaders will also be forced to fight the cruiser Omsk which, if allowed to enter the Mediterranean Sea, could wreak havoc on Allied shipping. US Navy Commander Maxwell Ryson and his squadron of Pegasus Class II Hydrofoils will befront and center during the attack, and will, despite their relatively small size, be forced to engage the mighty Omsk.