Radical Depravity, Charles H. Spurgeon

Radical Depravity

Narrator: Duane De Salvo

Unabridged: 2 hr 12 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/20/2020


Jesus Christ saves radically depraved men, women, and children from their sins. However, to understand, believe, and love the good news about the crucified and resurrected Savior, we must first understand our condition. Thus, we offer this issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster: Radical Depravity. Arthur Pink introduces us to this weighty subject by asking the question, “Is man a totally and thoroughly depraved creature by nature?” Thomas Reade then tells us about the deadly consequences and bitter fruits of Adam’s fall: in Adam all die. We then consider Joel Beeke’s helpful survey of the doctrine of human depravity. A second article by Thomas Reade leads us to a painful truth: the heart of man is evil. But he does not leave us there: he takes us to the blessed Son of God for deliverance. John Owen describes with great clarity the depraved and corrupted state of man’s mind and teaches us that the only remedy for this great darkness is the new birth: “You must be born again.” Loraine Boettner explains the extent and effects of original sin, which results in human inability in the matters of salvation. What is our true spiritual condition outside of Christ? Charles Spurgeon declares that we are legally, spiritually, and eternally dead. Nevertheless, he also tells us that we can be legally, spiritually, eternally alive by faith in Jesus Christ the Son! We then hear from John Flavel that in mercy, grace, and love, God draws sinners to Jesus Christ, gradually, suitably, powerfully, effectually, and finally. That is indeed good news! J. C. Ryle brings our subject to a close by asking a penetrating question: “Are you dead or alive?” Each of us, dear readers, must answer that question.