Python Machine Learning, Alex Campbell
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Python Machine Learning
Complete and Clear Introduction to the Basics of Machine Learning with Python. Comprehensive Guide to Data Science and Analytics.

Author: Alex Campbell

Series: Pyhon #2

Narrator: Darcey Kobs

Unabridged: 2 hr 26 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Alex Campbell

Published: 07/31/2020


Machine learning is fast becoming an important technique used by multiple industries, and in applications and research. But you don’t have to be part of a massive organization with an endless pot of money to get involved. Even beginners using the Python programming language can be a part of machine learning, and that is what this book is for. Today, the only limit to machine learning is your imagination. In this book, I provide you with an overview of machine learning and some practical work to get your hands dirty.Here’s what you will learn:·      Important machine learning concepts and applications·      The difference between supervised and unsupervised learning·      Commonly used supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and models·      What libraries you will benefit from using·      How to visualize your data·      Regression and classification learning models·      An introduction to data science·      The five-step plan to becoming a data scientist·      Ten things that everyone needs to know about machine learningYou’ll even get a complete hands-on project that takes you through building your own machine learning project.What you won't get is a lesson on using Python programming language; this book requires that you already know the basics.So, if you are interested in taking your programming even further, scroll up, hit that Buy Now button, and start a new journey of discovery.