Priceless Treasure, Melody Anne
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Priceless Treasure
Book Four in the Lost Andersons Series

Author: Melody Anne

Narrator: Samantha Cook

Unabridged: 6 hr 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 06/07/2016


Ashton Storm had always possessed a sense of humor, but he tended to be more thoughtless and self-absorbed than his other siblings. He skated along through life, enjoying the finer things. That was until one day his father had enough and gave him an ultimatum: he either did his fathers bidding, or his ride on easy street came to an instant stop. Though Ashton fought against doing what his father demanded, he finally caved in and took the small boating company his father gave him, ultimately turning it into a multibillion-dollar corporation. Now hes back on easy street, and hes alonebut for how long? Richard Storm is disappointed when his matchmaking plans for his son Ashton and the very sexy, smart, somewhat clumsy Savannah Mills dont work out. But no other woman seems to be catching his sons eye. Fate has a funny way of working out though, and maybe, just maybe, Richard isnt wrong about Ashton and Savannah being the perfect couple. Because theyre about to finally meet.