Pool of Sorrows, L. Scott Clark
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Pool of Sorrows
The Sorcerer's Guide

Narrator: Kevin Rineer

Unabridged: 12 hr 34 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/24/2024


Finding the next piece of the missing artifact, the Phoenix, is paramount for Jet Black and his friends as they try to prevent a future war. But there is growing pressure from the other boarding schools, the Brotherhood, and even the Runics to discover the other missing magical books. The first visit to Dillon Lake has all the promises of discovering new alliances and uncovering the backstory of some of the most important players. The fallout from their trip is life-altering for some of the Echoes and even the Elementals. Shane Fallon plays both sides of the fence as he tries to gain the upper hand.Just when things start to come together, the Elementals are separated, and Jet is forced to make the hard decisions. It becomes clear that not everyone is happy with his selections. The Elementals find chaos and destruction at every junction, as jealousy and greed become the driving forces behind some of their roadblocks.Jet and a few friends travel to new locations to master old foes, repair evil intentions, and recover what was once lost. As bleak as things may seem at times, their bonding relationships, evolving abilities, and resolute determination push the group forward. Shane Fallon strives to deceive, disrupt, and destroy the Elementals at every turn.No longer are magical capabilities limited to a few students, but wickedness is waiting and amassing in the shadows to ensure war takes place and Arisol, the demon prince, is released, stronger than ever.