PlantBased HighProtein Cookbook, Arnold Lewis
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Plant-Based High-Protein Cookbook
Delicious Recipes: The Best and Healthy Solution for a Strong Body. Fuel your Workouts and Muscle Growth

Author: Arnold Lewis

Narrator: Lora Johnson

Unabridged: 4 hr 29 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Arnold Lewis

Published: 01/30/2023


If You Want To Receive A Sufficient Amount Of Safe Proteins And Essential Plant-Based Nutrients, Then Listen On.You're probably eating plant-based foods, such as pea proteins or nuts, assuming that you're getting the full variety of proteins that your body needs, but you may not realize that you often miss the essential amino acid known as lysine and that you don't assimilate the right amount of proteins.Normally, one of the first questions vegans are asked is how they get protein, because animal foods are considered by many to be the best source of protein— and some people think they are the only protein-containing foods.You must be prepared in advance to ensure that adequate amounts of nutritious proteins, vitamins, iron and calciumB-12 are obtained, not as easily found in vegan diets as in omnivorous diets containing meat rich in these nutrients.Nevertheless, with the best plant-based protein foods, you can eat well-balanced nutritional plans that maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of certain illnesses.The audiobook will give you a full understanding of nutrition, including how much you really need, and how to get more than enough of plant foods. Armed with the details, recipes and meal plans in this book, you'll be relaxed and safe as a vegan— and have answers to those questions.The audiobook is also for vegetarians and meat eaters, since focusing more on the plant side of your plate is always a good thing, and you might be curious about how healthy your vegan friends can be without food.This audiobook is a plant-based protein guide that gives you the best resources you need to help you eat healthy meatless high-protein foods and feel better about your plant-based lifestyle.