Permaculture for Beginners, Alex Devine
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Permaculture for Beginners

Author: Alex Devine

Narrator: Cecily Wormald

Unabridged: 4 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/03/2023

Category: Gardening


Have you recently discovered the concept of permaculture having the potential to transform the way you practice agriculture by bringing diversity, stability and resilience through conscious design and maintenance and you wish to adopt it?If you've answered YES,You’ve Just Discovered a Guide That Will Show You How to Transform Your Gardening with Permaculture!Permaculture, a Portmanteau of 'permanent' and 'agriculture' is growing in popularity around the world and for a good reason too. First introduced to protect nature and humankind, permaculture is both a philosophy and a practical approach to sustainable development.What is the difference between permaculture and other conventional methods of farming?Is it possible to turn your home garden into a permaculture system?And which are some of the best strategies to help you practice proper permaculture?This audiobook will answer all these and other related questions.In it, you'll find:- The basics of permaculture, including the benefits, what it is and the principles- How you can personalize your permaculture level and what inner city permaculture is- The connection between architecture and permaculture- How to practice proper permaculture nature gardening in your backyard- How to design your garden using permaculture principles- Growing your food for health reasons and be sustainable using permaculture- How to become a great permaculturalist- And much more!Even if you’ve no clue what permaculture is all about, this audiobook will prove extremely helpful!Scroll up and click Buy Now to get started!