On Secular Education, R.L. Dabney
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On Secular Education

Narrator: Aaron Wells

Unabridged: 55 min

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Publisher: Canon Press

Published: 02/02/2018


R.L. Dabney (1820-1898)—preacher, theologian, soldier, poet, and essayist—strongly condemned the public education of his day. He saw with prophetic insight that State education could not help but be secularized since it was designed to please the people. As a result, he argued, public education would begin to teach its students not truth, but the values and virtues which were palatable to society at large. Although a century has passed since Dabney first wrote this essay, the questions that parents face haven't changed. Secular education still seeks to indoctrinate our children under the pretence of objectivity, and truth is still sacrificed for the sake of social "unity." We must acknowledge with Dabney that proper education is about heart and soul, not just propositions and facts. Only then will our children learn truth and be equipped to live out our faith.