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Old Time Radio's Greatest Westerns, Collection 2

Narrator: Full Cast

Unabridged: 6 hr 14 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download (DRM Protected)

Published: 11/27/2018

Category: Drama


The golden age of radio had incredible western shows that kept Americans glued to their radio sets. Families gathered around their living room radios to hear western heroes catch the bad-guys and save ladies in distress. This collection includes John Wayne and Mel Ferrer starring in a radio adaptation of the John Ford film “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” on The Lux Radio Theatre; William Conrad as U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke; Joel McCrea in a true-crime story on Tales of the Texas Rangers and Curley Bradley starring in two episodes of Tom Mix. You’ll also hear James Stewart starring in a radio recreation of his hit film “Winchester ‘73” on The Lux Radio Theatre; John Dehner in a western episode of Escape; Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok and more tales of the old west! Red Ryder 12-28-46 “$40,000 in Gold is Stolen on Ghost Mountain” w/ Brooke Temple Gunsmoke 1-15-55 “Chester’s Murder” w/ William Conrad and Parley Baer The Cisco Kid 10-5-54 “The Black Kerchief” w/ Jack Mather & Harry Lang Tales of the Texas Rangers 11-5-50 “The White Suit” w/ Joel McCrea Wild Bill Hickok 8-19-51 “Warpath or Peace” w/ Guy Madison & Andy Devine Straight Arrow 1-4-51 “The Wasteland” w/ Howard Culver Escape 12-17-50 “Wild Jack Rhett” w/ John Dehner & Parley Baer Doctor Six-Gun 12-12-54 “Sing for a Drink Cowboy” w/ Karl Weber The Lux Radio Theatre 3-12-51 “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” w/ John Wayne & Mel Ferrer The Tom Mix Ralston Straightshooters 12-1-41 “The Mystery of the Black Cat” w/ Curley Bradley The Lux Radio Theatre 11-12-51 “Winchester ‘73” w/ Jimmy Stewart & William Conrad The Tom Mix Ralston Straightshooters 8-14-46 “The Mystery of the Flying City” w/ Curley Bradley