Neighbourhood Watch, Cathryn Cooper
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Neighbourhood Watch
A collection of five erotic stories

Narrator: Katy Anderson

Abridged: 1 hr 32 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/02/2012


A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.Neighbourhood Watch by Stephen AlbrowWhat was going on in that house across the street? Rachel had been watching the endless stream of men coming and going for days. Now it was time to find out what lay behind the closed door.Cherry Bottom by Shanna GermainSome lessons are best left to the experts to teach. Cate and Andrew definitely think so. Miss Suzanne's anal sex class soon helps them gain the confidence they were looking for.Afterdeath by Susan PlacidoThey say that true love never dies, and they're right. Love didn't die, but Mike did. And yet, death is just a door way, and sometimes you can open that door and bring those you love back to you, even if its only for a moment that feels like forever.Titus Loves Flowers by Jim BakerLetting the family take turns in deciding where you go on holiday can land you in some interesting places, like behind a horses butt in a cramped caravan. It's at times like these that you need a sense of humour and to remind yourself just why you got together in the first place.Working Conditions by Elizabeth ColdwellSome law firms can be a law unto themselves as Alison Mills is about to find out. Wallace and Barker is one of the old school firms, where the men are used to doing whatever they want. They don't hire many woman and if the rumours are true it's because of the harsh rules. It's an incredible opportunity though, and Miss Mills will do anything to be a part of that world.