Narcissist and Stoicism ReStart fro..., Michael C. Hurley
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Narcissist and Stoicism: Re-Start from yourself After Psychological and Emotional Abuse with The Art of Stoics

Narrator: dms

Unabridged: 3 hr 34 min

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Published: 10/17/2020


The first step in narcissism therapy is to accept it. Psychologists say that it's a half war to recognize an illness, and it's great for narcissistic patients. When the patient knows that he or she has a medical condition, he or she can take practical steps to try to improve as a person consciously. He is a good psychiatrist or psychologist who can help the person to improve self-esteem, rationality and acceptability, and take other sensations into consideration. What you will learn in this book:Narcissism and Today's SocietyNarcissism in the Boardroom   Narcissism Grown from the Seed           Narcissism - Ancient and Modern          Narcissism: The Hidden Child's Curse   Escape Narcissists While You Can           Narcissistic Relationships          Why do narcissists do it?            Stoicism of Logic Without Emotion        Effects of Psychological Abuse                The Psychology of Children       Ethical Concerns in Psychology               The Psychology of Homosexuality         Forgive Narcissist offenders or not Forgive       The Narcissist and His Family